Some Tips When Phoning Customer Services

Top tips when calling customer services

Calling customer services can often appear as quite a daunting task at first. Many people are familiar with the idea of being put on hold and dealing with various departments. However, there are a few things you can do to get a better resolution, whether it’s PayPal UK or any other company.

Be Prepared

Before you call, always have any information you need available. This will include the likes of your account details (such as how you log into Paypal or otherwise identify yourself with the company) and any other details about the nature of your call. If you’re calling about payments or other transactions, have these ready and in front of you before you call.

Ask Simple Questions

Secondly, don’t ask too many question up front. If you need specific information from the company, or need to do a specific action, then make this your focus. Explain any background information if you need too – if you’re trying to cancel a payment, for instance, simply state which payment this is – then state what you need.

If you have more than one query or request, mention this at the start but work through things one item at a time. The speaker on the other end will likely ask “is there anything else I can help you with?” and this is your chance to work through your next item.

Be Precise and Polite

The key to any UK phone call is to keep the conversation simple, targeted and polite. It is better to say “hello could you please do this” than to rant about why. If you are not met with success, then you can go into better detail.

In other words, if you’re calling about a false payment that need to be cancelled, it is better to state “I need to cancel a payment that wasn’t my fault” than to go in detail. Details are needed if asked for, otherwise you’re just passing on access information to the member of staff in question. If you want them to do their job, it’s best to give them exactly what they need or ask for, and little more.

Keep Record

Finally, always keep a record of your interactions. Make a note of who you spoke to, what time and how many times (if at all) you get transferred. This makes it easier if you need to make a follow-up call.

How to get in contact with Paypal

How to Contact Paypal UK Call 0843 487 1822

PayPal is an American company that offers international online payments system. Thanks to the advent of Paypal, one no longer has to deal with troublesome and inconvenient traditional payment methods such as money orders, checks and so on. With PayPal, one can wire or transfer money electronically to the recipient in very little time. Irrespective of whether you are new to PayPal or an old customer, at some point of time you’re bound to have questions pertaining to its services or other issues. During these moments, the customer service number of PayPal comes in handy.

One of the impressive things about this company is that it pays attention to its customers. Thus, the Customer Service department of PayPal is extremely strong. The company has more than eight hundred customer care representatives on standby to help their customers and prospective customers out with their questions and requests! The Customer Service team at PayPal is capable of handling all types of questions and extending help/assistance to individuals who require it. Thus, you can turn to them for anything and everything from inquiries about how to open an account to questions about utilizing merchant tools.

Before you contact the Customer Service department of PayPal you should head over the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section on its official website. This web page contains common questions along with answers for ready reference. The questions are categorized conveniently under different help topics, therefore you can be sure to find the question you’re looking for easily. Every day, PayPal’s Customer Service department receives umpteen inquiries, most of which are repetitive. Therefore, it pays to look up the FAQ section first before attempting to contact them because if your problem is not unusual, then chances are you will be able to find it already answered in the FAQ section!

There are two ways in which you can contact PayPal. The preferred method of contact for many is through the phone. Customers of PayPal can log in to their accounts before contacting the company so that the customer care representatives would have a good idea about their account and past transactions. In case of non-customers, they can directly reach the Customer Service department through the number given on the website.

Alternatively, one can also shoot them an email in case one does not wish to speak to them over the phone. With emails, the waiting time is a bit more since the representatives will take a maximum of 24 hours in order to respond to the email.

Making A Complaint With Paypal

Paypal Complaints Process

If there is an issue with anything in relation to Paypal there is a Paypal complaint process that can be used to resolve the issue. Paypal has a complaints process from both a buyers and sellers point of view.

Buyers Complaint Process
When a buyer would like to issue a complaint the first thing Paypal recommends is to contact the seller to try and resolve the issue. However if that cannot be done then you can use the Paypal complaint process. You can begin by

  • Log in to your Paypal account
  • Click Resolve A Problem in the resolution centre
  • click dispute transaction
  • select the date range the problem occurred
  • select the reason for your dispute, then click continue

Paypal will then contact the other party involved and investigate and attempt to reach a fair conclusion. If Paypal discovers you are owed money by the seller then they will put in a great effort to retrieve the funds for you. Paypal will then have 45 days from when the buyer complaint form is filled out to come to a resolution.

However in order to be eligible for a compliant process you 

  • you must have used PayPal to pay for the purchase
  • you must not have received the purchase
  • a claim must be issued within 45 days of payment

If a Paypal customer has a random issue or complaint simply contact them by phone or email and they will guide you in the right direction.

If a seller has a complaint the process is quite simple. Notify Paypal by opening a dispute as seen above and they will immediately investigate the issue and come to a resolution as soon as possible.


Paypal Support Opening Hours

Despite operating a 24/7 service online, PayPal’s office opening hours tend to vary depending upon particular departments. For your convenience we have listed the main departments along with useful email, address and alternative contact details.

Any general enquiries can be made via PayPal Customer Service Centre

PayPal Customer Service Centre opening hours are as follows:

  • 6am until 10pm Monday to Friday
  • 8am until 10pm on a Saturday
  • 9am until 10pm on a Sunday

Any grievances can be aired via PayPal’s dedicated Complaints Department

PayPal Complaints Department opening hours are as follows:

  • 8am until 8.30pm Monday to Friday
  • 8am until 6.30 on a Saturday
  • 9am until 6.00 on a Sunday

If you are unable to contact PayPal’s Complaint Department during these times you may like to visit their online Resolution Centre – easily accessible 24-hours a day, 7-days a week via

Payments & Accounts Departments can be accessed online. However issues are often easier to address over the telephone.

PayPal Accounts Department is open from the hours:

  • 8am until 8.30pm Monday to Friday
  • 8am until 6.30 on a Saturday
  • 9am until 6.00 on a Sunday

PayPal Technical Support is the team you need for specialist advice
You can reach PayPal’s Technical Team between the hours of:

  • 6am and 10pm Monday to Friday
  • 8am and 10pm on a Saturday
  • 9am and 10pm on a Sunday

Don’t forget, you can also contact PayPal’s Technical Support Team by clicking onto and completing a quick online enquiry form.

Of course you can email PayPal at any time simply by sending your message to: PayPal endeavour to respond to all emails within 24 hours.

If you would prefer to contact PayPal in writing, their Head Office address is as follows:

PayPal (UK) Limited
Whittaker House
Whittaker Avenue

PayPal Online
Remember, you will also find a wealth of useful information including convenient contact forms online at
Obviously you can access details 24-hours a day, 7-days a week. Whether your query is relating to, buying, selling, sending money or business, you can access all you need to know and more at the click of a mouse.

PayPal Business Users
Looking to integrate PayPal into your business’ website? Perhaps you require instructions on how to arrange online payments?
Well, you can contact the PayPal Sales Team 24/7 via Once online you will discover a short online enquiry form