How to get in contact with Paypal

How to Contact Paypal UK Call 0843 487 1822

PayPal is an American company that offers international online payments system. Thanks to the advent of Paypal, one no longer has to deal with troublesome and inconvenient traditional payment methods such as money orders, checks and so on. With PayPal, one can wire or transfer money electronically to the recipient in very little time. Irrespective of whether you are new to PayPal or an old customer, at some point of time you’re bound to have questions pertaining to its services or other issues. During these moments, the customer service number of PayPal comes in handy.

One of the impressive things about this company is that it pays attention to its customers. Thus, the Customer Service department of PayPal is extremely strong. The company has more than eight hundred customer care representatives on standby to help their customers and prospective customers out with their questions and requests! The Customer Service team at PayPal is capable of handling all types of questions and extending help/assistance to individuals who require it. Thus, you can turn to them for anything and everything from inquiries about how to open an account to questions about utilizing merchant tools.

Before you contact the Customer Service department of PayPal you should head over the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section on its official website. This web page contains common questions along with answers for ready reference. The questions are categorized conveniently under different help topics, therefore you can be sure to find the question you’re looking for easily. Every day, PayPal’s Customer Service department receives umpteen inquiries, most of which are repetitive. Therefore, it pays to look up the FAQ section first before attempting to contact them because if your problem is not unusual, then chances are you will be able to find it already answered in the FAQ section!

There are two ways in which you can contact PayPal. The preferred method of contact for many is through the phone. Customers of PayPal can log in to their accounts before contacting the company so that the customer care representatives would have a good idea about their account and past transactions. In case of non-customers, they can directly reach the Customer Service department through the number given on the website.

Alternatively, one can also shoot them an email in case one does not wish to speak to them over the phone. With emails, the waiting time is a bit more since the representatives will take a maximum of 24 hours in order to respond to the email.

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