Making A Complaint With Paypal

Paypal Complaints Process

If there is an issue with anything in relation to Paypal there is a Paypal complaint process that can be used to resolve the issue. Paypal has a complaints process from both a buyers and sellers point of view.

Buyers Complaint Process
When a buyer would like to issue a complaint the first thing Paypal recommends is to contact the seller to try and resolve the issue. However if that cannot be done then you can use the Paypal complaint process. You can begin by

  • Log in to your Paypal account
  • Click Resolve A Problem in the resolution centre
  • click dispute transaction
  • select the date range the problem occurred
  • select the reason for your dispute, then click continue

Paypal will then contact the other party involved and investigate and attempt to reach a fair conclusion. If Paypal discovers you are owed money by the seller then they will put in a great effort to retrieve the funds for you. Paypal will then have 45 days from when the buyer complaint form is filled out to come to a resolution.

However in order to be eligible for a compliant process you 

  • you must have used PayPal to pay for the purchase
  • you must not have received the purchase
  • a claim must be issued within 45 days of payment

If a Paypal customer has a random issue or complaint simply contact them by phone or email and they will guide you in the right direction.

If a seller has a complaint the process is quite simple. Notify Paypal by opening a dispute as seen above and they will immediately investigate the issue and come to a resolution as soon as possible.


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