PayPal FAQ

PayPal FAQPayPal Inc. provides an easy platform though which people can make online transactions. It enables users to use their account balances, credit cards, bank accounts and even promotional financing when transacting money. It, therefore, best serves those who make online purchases from worldwide stores. Nevertheless, given the huge customer base, involving millions, served by PayPal, there are always bound to be problems on this or that. Few of FAQs have, therefore, been discussed below, and can also be answered by calling the PayPal contact number

What is the possibility of cancelling payments already sent?

Well, only unclaimed payments are the ones which can be cancelled. For those having this issue, all they need to do is to contact the individual to whom the payment has been made to and request for a refund. Therefore, they can simply log in to their PayPal account and click on the history button. Under Order Actions or Status, there is a cancel option. The unclaimed payment can then be canceled with the icon just next to it. 

How can credit or debit cards be added to PayPal account? 

This is a simple process that only takes a few minutes, if not seconds, to complete. Once one has logged in to their PayPal account, they need to click on the Profile option. Under this there is the My Money icon which also has an option for updating just close to the Debit and Credit cards icon. After this, simply choose Add a Card and then enter the required information. Once this is complete the card can now be simply added.

What happens when an item is not received or the one delivered does not match the description?

This problem is normally solved directly with the customer under Resolution Center on PayPal’s website. It, however, has to be lodged within forty five days after the date of the transaction. After that it may not be possible to resolve the issue.

How can information be viewed or updated on the account?

PayPal accounts normally have profile summaries of the user. This includes all the information that one has registered, both financial and personal. Most people however have a problem with how they can update or view their account information thereby making it a Paypal FAQ. PayPal has therefore provided steps for this under the Profile option. Under that, there are other various options on personal information, settings, money and selling tools that one can choose and follow the instructions given.